Henrique Leal

Henrique Leal wants to take you in an awakening trip beyond any limitations through his art, with exploration of various expressive materials always linked to music and sound vibrations. A very interesting and insightful interview.

Alex Casanas

Alex Casanas is a high school filmmaker based in Gainesville, Florida.
He talks to artCollective about his short films, his plans and his ambitions on becoming a filmmaker.

Louis Andreas Katsantonis

Louis Andreas Katsantonis. An artist from Cyprus, inspired by his African roots, uses digital drawing as his preferred way of creative expression. Having developed his own personal style, he is constantly experimenting with various mediums and techniques.

Chantal Convertini

Chantal is a Swiss artist, who is using film photography as a medium.
She talks to artCollective about the challenges of film photography, her work philosophy and future projects.

Elina Fukuda

Japanese artist Elina Fukuda, shares her personal philosophy and some of her amazing artwork with artCollective Magazine

André Moniz Vieira

Meet the award winning Portuguese independent film maker, André Moniz Vieira.