Noam Oster

Noam Oster is a 16 years old photographer from New York City.

Noam is mostly drawn to composition. He likes working with symmetry and asymmetry. What he really loves to do, is taking spontaneous, unposed portraiture photos of people.

Angelina Voskopoulos

Angelina Voskopoulos is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece.
She is an independent filmmaker, lately focusing on the “minimal movement”, a project centered on Man and his inner world.
She talks to artCollective Magazine about her philosophy and also takes us through her process and the challenges she is facing as an independent filmmaker

Liam Andersen

Liam Andersen is a mixed media artist from Denmark, now based in Greece.

He is currently working on recreating photographs of his family and his upbringing into oil paintings. As he states, this method allows him to capture the poetics and emotions that these memories evoke in him, allowing balance between memory and imagination.


Monikque presents her work –  a visual experimental trip through emotions and aspirations derived from chaos.

Carlo Maccheroni

Carlo Maccheroni is a photographer born in Santiago de Chile from an Italian family. He grew up in an environment familiar with the classical arts. His grandmother, a painter, introduced him as a child to the world of Italian pictorialism. He has studied with photographers such as Luis Poirot, Fernanda Larraín, Joel Meyerowitz and José María Mellado.

Anita Acman

Anita Acman talks to artCollective about her personal emotional rollercoaster and her ongoing exploration of female body as a form of art.

Waldemar Brzezinski

Waldemar Brzezinski is a freelance photographing living in Berlin, Germany. He focuses into portrait, still life and interior photography. In his free time, he loves taking photos of stranger’s portraits using his Pentax 67ii film camera.

Paola Pioletti

Paola Pioletti is an Italian illustrator artist and author.  She is a self-taught artist, but she had the honour to receive Tim Burton’s suggestions and ideas, which she took as her “mantra”.

Miena A.R

Miena A.R. , is a freelance artist focusing on animated illustrations. Here she talks to artCollective about her work and her progression as a self-taught artist.

Nina Jambrich

The very honest testament of Nina Jambrich, a young photographer from Slovakia, who through her project “Vulnerability” discovered how to overcome the pain and leave her dark place to freely be who she really is.