Wild Romagna

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The story behind this project is like a fine travel film. It started two years ago in the region of Romagna in Italy.

Gio and her friend Lulu Witheld, felt the desire to travel. It was the pandemic that restrain and alienate people. Without any further thought they got in the car in a trip to rediscover their land. Gio wanted to return to her place and Lulu wanted to discover it. Lulu described it as “Each encounter has given us the magic of experience, the sense of wonder, a soft break from the daily ritual” The roadtrip was documented by their photos.

As Gio stated “each photograph is a testimony of love, abandonment, escape and return”. The project went a step further and a call for artists has been made to recreate the moments a and share them with other like minded artists. An appointment was made in the comune of Premilcuore at the magical La Grotta Urlante. At the last part, the people at Lomography were kind enough to contribute to this project with cameras and film.

“Romagna is a state of mind”. In the project, Romagna is not the destination anymore, but it’s becoming a state of mind that the purpose is to experience, than live, the moment and feel the full potential of it. This experience is captured by photography. Gio, Lulu and the rest of the artists that had participated, capture these experiences from their own perspective giving a different flavor to the present moment.


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Gio Blonde
Lulù Withheld