Monikque presents her work –  a visual experimental trip through emotions and aspirations derived from chaos.


– Where are you from and how did you decide to become a graphic designer?

I was born and raised in Hungary, I left the country to live in Canada in 2001.
Surrounded by a crafty/artistic family I was always interested and curious about art. I have decided to be a graphic artist when I was 14 years old; I was blessed to be able to learn from the country’s finest art teachers.

 – What were your major influences? Anything from your close environment or something more broad from the world of arts?

When I was a kid I loved to watch cartoons. My major influence was the famous Hungarian fantasy cartoon “The son of the white horse” by Jankovics Marcell.


 – My immediate reaction to your work was like I was on a symmetrical experimental pop art acid trip! How would you describe your style?

 I could not even describe it or put any “label” on it… just how it’s called by many: “experimental”…it means it’s a constantly evolving process, a search for new elements and techniques that can manifest my ideas in my head. It’s definitely a trip, (most of the times a real trippy one), a hell of a ride. Of course I’ve been inspired by the “Pop art” culture, but my major influences are fine and fashion photographers like: Horst, Andy Warhol, Tim Walker, Desiree Mattsson.

I orchestrate shouting colourful or dramatic black and white visual components using a variety of techniques in freestyle. I manipulate and integrate the imagery such as original motion films, photographs, news-clippings, commercials with digital painting, and original drawing; making a contrast and underline the meaning of its message. 

“experimental”…it means it’s a constantly evolving process

 – What do you want to deliver to your audience through your art??

These clips are my screaming billboards, most of them about the harsh reality, shady politics, humanity, society… the darker side of life; the one that we often mask with something “prettier”.
With my art I am telling stories; mine, friends’, relatives’, strangers’… I want their stories to be seen. My vibrant inner world needed a new medium. In media art I finally found myself…My work is a mirror of the society I live in. I work heart and mind. The hectic and chaotic, even manic, nature of modern life can be perceived as overwhelming. The artwork I create presents an arrangement of colourful elements that express emotions and aspirations that are given from by this chaos. Visions from that place between the dream state and psychosis.

 – You have done many collaborations with fashion magazines and music productions as well. How did those collaborations start?

As I mentioned before I was always surrounded by creative people, artists from all walks of life… Some of my best childhood friends became famous musicians/djs. Artists are all dreamers, so are we, and from small collaborations (covers, promo projects) it did not take us long to push ourselves into something new and exciting.

“The artwork I create presents an arrangement of colourful elements that express emotions and aspirations that are given form by this chaos”

 – Any notable collaborations that really motivated you to take your work to another level?

My very first music clip that I made in 2018, will be always memorable, especially because I made it for a very special friend of mine: Peter Szalay, member of Hungarian psychedelic dance band ColorStar. He was mesmerised by watching my early “gif arts” and “short clips” on Instagram and he asked me to make the official clip for their new song: “It’s all around you”.
The band gave me total freedom with the project, it was my very first real creative playground of mine.

It was an honor to work with him and the band.

“The TRUTH” was a very special project for the “Luxembourg Art Prize”.

This clip involved a very serious work with hard working and talented group of people:
Original music and creative idea: Mate Szabolcs @sabmartenius
Makeup artist: @bernadettrausch
Director/Camera: Zsolt Kelemen @keleman_zslt
Camera: Harlon  Syamsuddin

 Work, Consume, Sleep, Repeat… constantly floating with a money oriented fake world and we are slowly becoming an idealised avatar of our-self. The true meaning of life only matters for a fracture of a second. We are communicating with emojis… likes, smileys, angry faces…while in reality, we are walking by the problems with closed eyes. All these clever tech ideas that are supposed to bring us closer, actually divide us further…why? We need to rethink, and come together until it’s not too late.

Szabolcs Mate’s original music and leads of creative direction, Kelemen Zsolt and Harlon Syamsuddin’s amazing camera work, Bernadett Rausch’s stunning special FX makeup work has been contrasted with my very graphic creative media art.
We used some of today’s popular gif elements and real news images to try to give back these days fastened tech and media oriented feeling; kids’ drawings such as my own 12 years old son’s, to reflect their yet innocent but so true interpretation of how they see the word around themselves. 

                                                   stills from the project “The TRUTH”

 – What is a typical creative day for you?

As a typical artist mom’s life can be!
I have a lovely family with a teenage son. From my “everyday job” ( graphic and layout designs) to managing housework and parenting, I am trying to find time and opportunities to “experiment”…I am a very energetic and impulsive person, working on these clips are my “getaways” of everyday life.

 – Were there any moments that you felt that you had difficulties in creativity and how did you bypass those difficulties? 

Of course. All the time. Like any other artist I am never really satisfied. But  I won’t stop trying. That’s all.
Sometimes, we all need to take a break… we get overwhelmed by our emotions… just give a little time, breathe…and then continue. But don’t be afraid to start it over from scratch.

 – Do you follow any specific workflow, and if it’s possible, share it?

Many of the short clips I’ve posted are part of a long one. I always start with a big 4-5 minutes long “sketch”… then I start working on segments… Just like drawing or sculpting or painting…sometimes those little segments become individual stories.
Hundreds thousands of cuts, sometimes dozens of layers… end endless experimenting.
Everybody has  to “dare” … I dare to try, I dare to make mistakes. Sometimes you can get out your most interesting work from a mistake.

 – What is your preferred medium of work?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do any more prop arts. I love to paint on monumental walls.

– What other media are you working or experimenting with?

I started tattooing a few years ago.

 – Do you think that at some point, you may change creative direction and work in something completely different? And if yes, what that might be? 

Well when I was 18 I had no idea I would get into tattooing… Life is short. 
So for sure, but I don’t know yet… I would love to surprise myself !

 – Apart from your work and collaborations, do you work on any personal projects as well?

I am also a jewellery designer so yes, from time to time I go back to make jewellery’s.

– What really calms you down after work?

Creating clips, and photo montages.


– What are your plans for the future on any business and/or personal projects?

I want to direct my own movie (something longer than four minutes).

– “Creating art from life’s glitches”. What is your own interpretation of this?

 “Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.” (Eckhart Tolle)

It doesn’t matter if your life experience is bad or good, you can turn it into something positive.

Did I mention life is short? 

I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger than reason. “I am so thirsty for the marvellous that only the marvellous has power over me.” – Anais Nin


Discover more of her work at her Instagram and Facebook. Her work can also be found on YouTube