Louis Andreas Katsantonis


Louis Andreas Katsantonis. An artist from Cyprus, inspired by his African roots, uses digital drawing as his preferred way of creative expression. Having developed his own personal style, he is constantly experimenting with various mediums and techniques.


– Where did your grow up and how did that initially shape your style?

I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and moved to Cyprus when I was three years old. I fell in love with Africa when I visited again when I was much older. This has affected my art since when I was growing up I was pencil drawing animals mainly from Africa like elephants, giraffes and lions.  




– Your subjects are mainly portraits of the people around your life and also from the African culture and nature. Is your African roots and your interactive environment your only inspiration?

Yes, I always paint animals and things that I feel I am more emotionally attached to and love. People around me, people that are passionate about what they do, and things that I admire and often leave me in awe.


– Have you had any mentors along the way?

From my early beginning my aunt Annetta Stylianou has been an inspiration. She taught me a lot of things and how to paint correctly, since she herself was also a professional painter. During my college years I ran into great artists since I went to Art School in Greece, they taught me how to think as an artist.

– Was always digital drawing your primary medium?

No, digital painting is just another technique I am using to showcase my art. So far, I have used several other techniques like for example pencil drawing, pastel drawing, oil paint and acrylic.



– Traditional artists – like David Hockney who used an iPad and even Andy Warhol on the introduction of Amiga 1000 back in 1985 –  were excited when they were first introduced to digital drawing using specialized software. Do you believe that digital will at some point overcome the traditional or they will coexist?

As I mentioned before, I believe digital is one more technique to express and communicate your feelings. I can’t really tell what the next trend might be, but art will always find a way to shine. Great artists are always unique whichever technique they might be using.

– What is the one thing that you are looking to improve in your technique?

Have I had more time to draw, I would have improved a lot of things; there is always more room for improvement, an artist should never stop learning, seeing things and be inspired by even more.


“There is always more room for improvement, an artist should never stop learning, seeing things and be inspired by even more.”

– Would you experiment with any other techniques in the future?

Yes of course, I am trying to think of the next evolution (laughs)!

– You are working in the creative process of an advertisement company. How do you balance your personal work with work? 

Sometimes these two clash. Sometimes I am trying to combine the two. But most of the time, drawing relaxes me from the stress of my everyday job.

– Does working in a company limits the creativity?

As I mentioned the only limitation is time. Inspiration does come.


– You artworks are praised by a lot of people and there is a very positive attitude towards your work. Are you now at a point that you could say you have been creatively satisfied?

 Due to my character I believe I will never reach my limit. I think I will never be satisfied and I will always try to achieve more for my work as an artist.

– Where do you see yourself in the near future? Any new projects to explore or maybe any plans for exhibitions?

I like to experiment so definitely I believe the future has a lot to offer; and yes, why not, organise an exhibition!


Find more about Louis’ artworks by visiting his Facebook page at facebook.com/louiskatsantonisArt