Elina Fukuda

Japanese artist Elina Fukuda, shares her personal philosophy and some of her amazing artwork with artCollective Magazine



“Artwork should reveal the truth and essence behind any theme”


My first exhibition was held on 2012 and was almost entirely composed of graphic art.

After that I started producing many paintings and also studied mehndi body painting skills.

In 2015 I started an art unit called “ENOWA” with fellow artist Sugiyama Aya.

Sugiyama Aya is in charge of the black and white features in ENOWA, and I produce the color features.

As ENOWA we mainly perform live painting with live Music.



Personal Philosophy

I believe that artwork should reveal the truth and essence behind any theme.

I think that to know the truth, I first need to develop a sense or perception that stems from deep within combined with knowledge obtained from life and experience.




Truth is simple, but at the same time it can be difficult to find because of earthly desires and thoughtlessness.

Nature is always living in truth. It is full of complicated structures and constructs but simple in all its many forms of life.

It provides us with many invaluable hints for life, so nature features strongly in my artwork.

For ME, living in this era, I feel I need find this essence.

Discover more of her really amazing work by visiting her website elina-galerie.com and her instagram page instagram.com/elina_fukuda_art

Images All rights reserved by Elina Fukuda and ENOWA